Friday, January 15, 2010

We Have The Pair.

Well I got there.
Flaunting on a Friday. A bit each day has gotten me to the line.
It was fun too.
Me and Miss Chitter Chatter now have our matching aprons.

And now the pair of us.

 I will definitely make more aprons in the future out of these books.


  1. Don't you make a pretty pair!! Did you buy the books locally?

  2. The pair of you are as cute as can be! All that sewing to spend time in the kitchen and splatter on them! But what fun. Enjoy teaching Miss CC how to cook.

  3. You girls look gorgeous, well done and getting them done..

  4. Very cute. Boy am I glad I had boys and I don't cook.. imagine all the time I could spend making aprons if I had a need:)