Saturday, January 16, 2010

Patch or PATCH!

Well what does a mum do when she is presented with a torn, beloved, pair of pj pants by youngest son, My Crash Test Dummy?
He presents them to me to be fixed, I say yes, I will look at them tomorrow. Then tomorrow comes and he hands said pants to me.
Ha, Ha what is this?
 Oh yes of course I am to fix these aren't I!
Tee, Hee well this could very well be a very short 5 min job couldn't it?
Oh but No it isn't, It could be, but Not today.
All the kids had an invite to a birthday party and DH was the one to take them, leaving me at home with some peace and  quiet and lots of time.
So what do I do for this hole?

Well I spend about half of the day on my computer fussing around with my software taking this, adding that, working through a tutorial to get the idea I was thinking of to work and Oh what fun I had!
A bit of this a bit of that and Voila!

One happy chappy and one contented mummy having had the chance to fuss with her stuff!

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