Monday, December 21, 2009

New Addition and Thanks

Thanks to Sheila, with so much help, I have been able to do a few things with my blog. Would have taken way longer for me to get this worked out and done, this time of year, without her help. Thank you so much Sheila! Under her instructions I was able to put the FF link pic thing on too,  as well as the banner...

And the new addition is what, you may ask. Well it is the cat! We picked her up yesterday and have decided to call her Misty. She is a ragdoll and will be registered under the name of Adora Rose. Google tells us that Adora is Latin for Beloved. She has just fitted in so well and is very funny.

Miss Chitter Chatter (MCC) is very good at keeping Misty entertained for hours or is Misty keeping MCC entertained... Tee Hee either way it is working out very well...

This is her at the top of the tower thing, MCC constructed under my direction.
Can we build it, yes we can!

Was a little shocked when MCC said it would be up to Dad the builder to make this thing! I was like NO us girls CAN do it and I used the "Can we build it, Yes we Can" tune to inspire her. She did a marvelous job too with very little help from me.


  1. now thats not fair talking about me behind my back. Just helping.
    Misty is just adorable. Glad you girls held your own.
    Happy Christmas if I dont see you before.
    Well you know not see but chat, well not chat but write lol.

  2. aaawww, so cute.... so gorgeous.. mmmm, so soft...
    love the blog, well done