Friday, December 18, 2009

And So This Is Christmas

Well it is still Friday and I finally have got something else to flaunt never mind I have aimed for another flaunt every Friday since the first. Very disastrous that has been! Tee Hee. My achievement this week was to sew a new Christmas dress for Princess Chitter Chatter (3rd child) she is very girly and was a hit with the other little girls in line waiting to get their pictures taken yesterday (they were bedazzled with her glitterness).

The 3 kids on their way for Santa pic.

The entrance to our house.

These are the few Christmas decorations that I have made over the years. Each year when I bring them out I am again amazed that I did actually make these things myself. My sister made the framed stitchery that hangs on my wall all year round. Isn't it way cool too!

I have very many more christmas patterns sitting on the shelf waiting to be made up into Santas or wall hangings. Maybe this coming year will be the year to make up a couple more to add to my collecetion for next Christmas.

These last pictures are of the decorations that transform our house each festive season. I usually add at least one decoration to our collection each year. This year I aquired 2 the santa on a rocking horse, I was very pleased to spy this fellow and bring him home, and then there was the Santa that plays the sax with the sunnies, with a very cheery tune to fill the house.

Until next time.
Very Merry Christmas to ALL!!!


  1. Absolutely fabulous.
    super kids, lovely Princess, lovely hair, fab dress and red shoes wow.
    Love the decorations.

  2. Your home looks so pretty, all decked out. And Miss CC's dress is adorable. Of course, it's the WEARER who makes the dress look so good! Merry Christmas

  3. A gorgeous Christmas dress for a very beautiful Christmas princess... what a clever mum she has

  4. Your home sure looks festive. Beautiful children to top it off!

  5. oh my goodness, the kids are so grown up... stop feeding them so much... it feels like years since I've seen you all... wow..

    hugs again